Check out the first track from the upcoming Harakiri for the sky album "III:Trauma"

Out now: Horn - Feldpost LP

- Gatefold cover on 350gsm carton
- black vinyl lim.300
- Inside/ Outside Print
- Left flap glued
- Lyric sheet 30cm x 30cm
- delivered in PVC overbag and with polylined innerbag

Out now: Kommandant - The Architects of Extermination LP

- Gatefold LP on 350 gsm carton
- black Vinyl lim.400, red Vinyl lim.100
- A2 poster
- Left flap glued
- Black Flood Inside
- Gloss Lamination
- Comes in PVC overbag and with polylined innerbag

Insane Vesper released a new track from their upcoming album "LayiL"

Out now: Seer - Vol.1 & 2

Comes in 4-Panel Digipak with Gold Foil Print and 8 pages booklet

Art of Propaganda is proud to present the full-length debut of Canada's Seer, Vol. 1 & 2. Hailing from Vancouver, British Columbia, Seer was formed in the fall of 2014 as the days drew short and a chill set in the air. Very much a product of their environment, the band draws inspiration from the natural power of the Pacific Northwest and harnesses it into epic, expansive doom-sludge. Amid the region's awe-inspiring mountains, serene temperate rainforests, and immense Pacific Ocean, Seer’s backyard is occupied by lakes, rivers, evergreens and abundant wildlife. Such a proximity and affinity to the local natural world has kindled a deep and ever-present connection to nature for Seer, resonating in an authentic and organic approach to their music. This combined with a true rock n’ roll spirit and inclination toward fantasy, science fiction, and the occult make up the foundation on which Seer lays its colossal riffs and Cascadian atmospherics, all of which overflow across the vast vistas of Vol. 1 & 2. Beginning with Vol. 1, which comprises the first two songs, Seer's lyrical content tells of an ever-expanding narrative journey across bleak and barren realms, boundless primordial landscapes, and even further into the celestial beyond. By Vol. 2, which are tracks 3-6, the journey reaches a feverish, almost nightmarish pitch, portraying the mental battle that occurs during this journey. Together, both volumes suggest further forays into the great unknown. With gargantuan, three-dimensional production and ever-insistent tectonic groove, Seer take the listener on a voluminous, volcanic trip to a nameless unknown not unlike the album's evocative cover artwork, courtesy of Adam Burke. Return trips are recommended.

Bronson Lee Norton - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Madison Norton - Drums, Percussion
Josh Campbell - Bass Guitar, Harmonica, Slide Acoustic
Kyle Tavares - Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals, Percussion

Additional Musicians:
Rob Lewis - Drums (Tracks 1, 2)
Kyle Thomas - Percussion (Track 2)
Madeline Gawthrop - Vocals, Violin (Track 3)
Danielle Howell - Vocals (Tracks 4, 6)
Royce Whittaker - Additional Guitar Solo (Track 4)

Tracks 1, 2, 3 Recorded and mixed by Kyle Thomas at KT Audio House in White Rock, BC
Tracks 4, 5, 6 Recorded by Royce Whittaker and Anthony Morelli and mixed by Royce Whittaker at Spinnaker Sound in White Rock, BC
Mastered by Stuart McKillop at Rain City Recorders in Vancouver, BC

Cover artwork and lettering by Adam Burke
Photography by Kyle Tavares
Layout by Ogino Design

Out now: Anomalie- Refugium

"What hope is to the heart, what air is to the lungs, Anomalie is to the souls of those who have chosen their very own path in this world."

ART OF PROPAGANDA is proud to present the highly anticipated second album of Austria's ANOMALIE, Refugium. As a label becoming widely known for its exploration of dark metal's furthest reaches, Refugium is a sublime addition of the label's arsenal of cathartic post-extreme metal sounds. In 2011, Marrok (Selbstentleibung, Harakiri for the Sky) founded ANOMALIE to combine his favorite elements of emotional black metal, post-metal, and depressive rock, which soon resulted in his own incomparable vision of profound and honest music. Two years later, the work for his first full-length album, Between the Light, came to a conclusion: ANOMALIE unveiled his impressive debut album with lots of positive reactions in the press.

Now with the second ANOMALIE full-length, Refugium, mastermind Marrok shares his very personal vision of serious art influenced by a wide range of genres. It's a blackened journey full of soundscapes between beauty and bleakness, hope and oppression, reality and the world beyond. Accordingly, each subgenre is utilized to its fullest potential without falling into cliche nor easy categorization, each one swelling until it's fit to burst, so overcome with passion and emotion is Marrok. Each note is felt, never forced; each shred of his larynx is catharsis absolute; each transition is logical placed, the fateful march to a climactic end, where sadness will maybe, just maybe, prevail.

Gorgeously recorded, mixed and mastered by Markus Stock (Alcest, Secrets of the Moon, Helrunar) and completed by chillingly minimalist artwork by Irrwisch (Fäulnis, Amestigon, Lotus Thief), this wall of sound(s) will abduct you step by step into a realm of spiritual liberty!

Out now: Whiskey Ritual - Blow with the Devil

Art of Propaganda is proud to present Whiskey Ritual's highly anticipated third album, Blow With the Devil, set for international release on November 27th. A crown jewel of filthy, misanthropic black 'n' roll, Blow With the Devil comprises ten anthems of utter disgust and degradation, abject hatred both internal and external. Whiskey Ritual hail from Italy, which has long maintained a thriving metalpunk scene as well as a small but well-regarded black metal one. Across the accurately titled Blow With the Devil, the quintet caustically combine these two idioms, making for a hellish 'n' headbanging ride through horror and human emotion, hailing Henry Rollins, speed & chicks, nekro street gangs, and Satanic kommandos among many other unsavory things. It's non-stop, unbridled belligerence backed up with wrist-slitting atmosphere. Poison in, bleed it out...

Whiskey Ritual began in 2008 as an idea of Dorian Bones (Caronte) and Plague (Selbstentleibung) to create an old-school black metal band like Venom, the first Bathory album, and Hellhammer. It was their precise intention to give birth to something rotten, dirty, and violent, with no compromises. Then Asher and A. (both of Forgotten Tomb) joined the band. In 2010, Whiskey Ritual released a demo titled Black'n'Roll, a split 7” with Forgotten Tomb titled Tribute to GG Allin the following year, and then two full-lengths: 2010's In Goat We Trust and 2012's Narconomicon, the latter featuring special guest vocals by Apollyon (Aura Noir, Immortal) on the track "One Million." Both albums obtained great feedback from critics and audiences alike.

During these years of activity, Whiskey Ritual have played several gigs abroad, especially in Germany, France, Belgium, and Austria, and shared the stage with bands like Aura Noir, Impaled Nazarene, Kvelertak, Belphegor, Nocturnal Depression, Forgotten Tomb, Hell Militia, Setherial, and Master among others. In 2013, they took part in the Sick Midsummer fest in Austria, and this summer peformed at Faust Extreme fest along with Venom, Archgoat, and Die Hard.